Saudi Neom Project: A Vision for Renewable Energy

Saudi Arabia is well-known for its vast oil reserves, but the kingdom is also pursuing a more sustainable and diversified energy future. One of the most ambitious initiatives in this regard is the Neom project, a futuristic city that aims to be powered by 100% renewable energy.

Neom is a $500 billion project that covers an area of over 26,500 square kilometers in the northwest of Saudi Arabia, near the Red Sea. It is part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 plan to reduce its dependence on oil and transform its economy and society. Neom claims to be a “blueprint for tomorrow in which humanity progresses without compromise to the health of the planet” .

Neom has several components that showcase its vision for renewable energy. One of them is The Line, a 170-kilometer long city that will run in a straight line through the desert. The Line will be car-free, carbon-free and connected by hyper-speed trains that can transport people and goods in less than 20 minutes . The Line will also be built in modules that are self-sufficient and contain amenities such as shops and schools within a five-minute walk or cycle .

Another component is Oxagon, a floating industrial hub that spans 7 kilometers and will be the largest floating structure in the world. Oxagon will host manufacturing tenants that will benefit from Neom’s renewable energy sources and water systems . Oxagon will also be home to the world’s largest green hydrogen plant, which will produce hydrogen from water using renewable electricity . Green hydrogen is a clean fuel that can be used for transportation, power generation and industrial processes .

Neom will also invest in water desalination plants that will use renewable energy to produce fresh water from seawater. One of these plants will be built in partnership with the Japanese company Itochu and the French company Veolia . Neom will also launch the world’s largest coral reef restoration project along its Red Sea coast to protect marine biodiversity and enhance tourism .

Neom’s renewable energy plans are not only impressive, but also necessary. Saudi Arabia faces challenges such as water scarcity, climate change and rising energy demand. By harnessing its abundant solar and wind resources, Neom can provide a model for how to achieve a net zero carbon emissions by 2060, which is Saudi Arabia’s pledge under the Paris Agreement .

Neom is still under construction and faces many uncertainties and challenges. Some critics have questioned its feasibility, environmental impact and social implications . However, Neom’s CEO Nadhmi Al-Nasr has expressed confidence in the project’s progress and potential. He said: “We welcome new investors and partners to collaborate with us through ENOWA and to help create a circular economy at scale powered by 100% renewable energy and with abundant water for residential and commercial needs” .

Neom is not just a city, but a vision for renewable energy. It is an ambitious and innovative project that aims to create a sustainable and prosperous future for Saudi Arabia and the world.

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