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Title: China Lesso and Thiago Holding Announce Joint Venture to Power the UAE with Cutting-Edge Solar Panel Factory

Date: August 1, 2023

Location: Dubai, UAE

In a major step towards bolstering the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) clean energy goals, China Lesso Group Holdings Limited (Lesso) and Thiago Holding LLC Dubai (Thiago) have joined hands to create a groundbreaking joint venture. The esteemed co-investment of H.E. Abduljaleel Abdulrahman Mohammad Alblouki has further amplified the significance of this partnership. The focus of the joint venture is the establishment of a state-of-the-art assembly line for P-type monocrystalline half-cell solar panels, designed to revolutionize the UAE’s renewable energy sector.

With a staggering capacity of 500 megawatts (MW) and an impressive output of 550 watts per panel, the newly announced solar panel factory is poised to address the escalating demand for clean energy solutions in the UAE and the wider Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. This collaboration reflects the growing commitment of all parties involved towards a sustainable and greener future.

The partnership leverages the expertise and technological advancements of both China Lesso and Thiago Holding, combining their strengths to optimize solar panel manufacturing processes. The joint venture aims to set new industry standards by utilizing cutting-edge technologies, precision engineering, and innovative production methods.

Speaking on this momentous occasion, H.E. Abduljaleel Abdulrahman Mohammad Alblouki expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This collaboration embodies the UAE’s dedication to clean energy initiatives, aligning with our nation’s vision of a sustainable future. With the combined capabilities of Lesso and Thiago, we look forward to playing a significant role in meeting the region’s growing energy demands while reducing our carbon footprint.”

The P-type monocrystalline half-cell solar panels produced by the factory offer several advantages over traditional solar panels. The half-cell technology enables higher efficiency, enhanced performance in high-temperature conditions, and reduced losses due to shading. These features make the panels ideal for the UAE’s climate and will contribute significantly to the country’s renewable energy capacity.

Moreover, the strategic location of the factory in Dubai serves as a gateway to the MENA region, a rapidly growing market for renewable energy solutions. The initiative is expected to drive local job creation and stimulate economic growth while reinforcing the UAE’s position as a regional leader in renewable energy.

Commenting on the joint venture, a spokesperson from China Lesso Group Holdings Limited stated, “We are proud to partner with Thiago Holding and have the support of H.E. Abduljaleel Abdulrahman Mohammad Alblouki. Together, we aim to accelerate the adoption of clean energy technologies, making a positive impact on the environment and the communities we serve.”

Thiago Holding LLC Dubai echoed the sentiment, emphasizing their shared vision for a greener future. “Through this partnership, we aim to bring renewable energy solutions that are technologically advanced, efficient, and environmentally responsible. Our shared commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with the UAE’s ambitious clean energy goals,” said a representative from Thiago Holding.

The establishment of the advanced assembly line for P-type monocrystalline half-cell solar panels represents a significant milestone in the UAE’s renewable energy journey. With the combined expertise and resources of China Lesso Group Holdings Limited, Thiago Holding LLC Dubai, and the esteemed co-investment of H.E. Abduljaleel Abdulrahman Mohammad Alblouki, the factory is set to contribute substantially to the nation’s pursuit of a sustainable, low-carbon future. The impact of this joint venture is likely to be felt not only in the UAE but also throughout the MENA region, catalyzing the transition towards cleaner and more eco-friendly energy solutions.

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